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Gone are those days when bathrooms were the most unattended areas of the home when it comes to designing and decorating. More lately they have been transformed into something a lot luxurious, sophisticate, warm and romantic just like the Spanish style bathrooms. Spanish bathrooms are an influence from a historical and diverse culture where every element brings a charm on their own. Brightening up your bathroom in a Spanish flair is easier than you might think.

Despite the influence of diverse culture, some elements in the Spanish bathrooms are constant due to their attractiveness and versatility. The beauty of Mediterranean influence are those tiles ranging from floor to ceiling. Tiles are a punch of traditional charm into Spanish décor. Options from Tera cotta tiles to Talavera tiles prevent your bathroom from looking dull and brings in an eclectic style. Traditionally terra cotta tiles came all rusty and brown shades but now are available in a diverse range of blue and sea greens. Similarly, the hand-painted Talavera tiles, especially the bright ones, add in the royal Mediterranean touch no matter how plain your bathroom is. Moreover, to create a gratifying look, the blend of terra cotta and Talavera works magnificently well.

Wooden details have always been an appealing side of the Spanish bathrooms. And specifically, with vintage-inspired rooms polished or rusted wooden cabinets and exposed wooden ceiling beams brings in the rural Spanish touch into the bathrooms. Built-in wooden cabinets with sink with a wall-mounted mirror and rustic dark faucet pairs caps off the aesthetics. This combination throws in the rural Spain style but if you want a unique touch to it to consider mixing bright Talavera’s epically the blues, greens and yellows and it will add as a delight.

Another great addition for brightening up your bathroom with traditional Spanish finish is adding a chandelier. However, keep in mind that chandelier goes best with heightened ceilings and big bathrooms. Either rustic or grey Mediterranean Marvel with a black rust coloured chandelier brings in class and creative finish to space. Additionally, a touch of rustic green in the form of any bathroom accessories like flower pots, mirror case, or so on will complete this look on every possible front.

The talks about Spanish style bathrooms are incomplete without bathtubs. Curved rectangular tubs lying below a French style window brings in quite a Spanish feel. However, to add a Mediterranean touch here, dedicating a tiled space for the bathtub can never go wrong. Remember, Spanish style bathrooms are best completed with a mix of wall and floor tiles, and one can never go overboard with it. Just be cautious with colours and patterns that bring in more of the feel from Spain and not only of any other bathroom around.

Considering all the above details as the royal Mediterranean, we bring you the all modern pure white aesthetic on Spanish style bathrooms. Traditionally tiles and wooden aesthetics being the critical component of Spanish bathrooms, whites today with minimalistic efforts also add an inspiration. All-white walls with geometric-inspired floor tiles, mainly in brown or black complimented with brass, golden or warm lamps, breaks the monotony. A polished wooden cabinet, greyish-silver shower curtain and black faucets serve as a contrast to white.

A large-size window is a must if you are working on an all-white bathroom. Moreover, to break the monotony of plain white, two vertical peculiar black lines just in between the walls and on the shower-glass works the best. An all silver wall with a wall-mounted mirror in rustic silver frame complimented with grey flooring and a touch of black serves the right amount of elegance. Meanwhile, to bring a feeling of warmth and comfort in your all-white Spanish style bathroom, consider the accent of the beige over countertops, bathtubs, and floor rug.

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