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The biggest Pandemic world has ever faced has drastically changed the lives of millions of people around the world. With bringing in the culture of work from home, the transition also impacted the school life severely in the past few months. In the beginning, schools were closed for 14-21 days depending upon the government orders, but soon the closer became indefinite and introduced an entirely new studying pattern that is digital schooling. As if kids were less stuck to screen already, this brought a severe headache for parents. However, various models were introduced including digital education, worksheet studies, and a different but old formula known as “Home Schooling”.

Home Schooling is a very new culture in various societies but definitely not unknown. Parents around countries are today dealing with multiple pressures like work from home, dealing with kids and their studies and that too with the absence of house helps. Right now, all of this came as a necessity and parents had no other option else than juggling between schedules and changes. Not to mention, working from home parents have literally become a puppet of Pandemic where they are managing work on every level back at homes. However, some parents are thoroughly enjoying the home-schooling and work from home culture altogether and might continue it when this pandemic situation returns to normal.

A lot of you have already started managing the situation very well in due course of time, and few of you are still finding ways, tricks, or some magic wound to function down everything in a mannered way.

Try keeping yourself sane

It’s about thriving and not just surviving. When we see no end doors to the Pandemic, the most important lesson we should learn is bringing out the best of the situation and by casting over selves into routines and plans. And in between the work from home- and home-schooling routine, do not forget your primary parenting responsibilities, mainly the emotional ones.

Know your kid

Surely all those years of sending them school a lot of us do not really know about our child’s learning and studying skills. Some kids learn better in groups, and some of them require particular attention. As a parent learn and understand that different child does best in contrasting learning environments. Where teenagers are mostly able to work on their own, toddlers learn from people and situations around. If you find your kid learn better in groups, then indulge them in digital classes. Focus on their growth with home-schooling and try learning about both positive and negative impact.

Make a routine, a realistic schedule

Make a basic non-complicated routine depending upon your kids’ focus, energy and dedication. Also ensure the plan focuses your WFH, domestic chores too at the same time. Do not complicate your routine much and understand that this is not a real school and office. The prime purpose here is to follow your profession and educate your child. Do not get stuck into following the real-time school routine and pattern, especially with little kids. However, if you have teenagers, a fixed schedule would be the requirement of time. With kids, you are preparing them to grow up and learn, but with teenagers, you are making them for near life.

Do not run but take time to adjust

One needs to understand that not every lifestyle is manageable for various families. Some things and routines might work well for you but not for others and vice versa. Hence take time, let you child understand the current situation, uncertainties for the next few months understand calmly and then adjust to it slowly and steadily.

Focus on your family’s physical and mental well-being

An extreme change in routine impacts severely on one’s physical and psychological well-being. Thus, focus on good food, water, sleep, and take yourself more towards nature. Though stepping out is non-advisable currently but to break the monotony of the new routine indulge into something that really brings laughter and peace in your home.

Apart from the role of parents, there are few expected efforts from schools and teachers as well:

Several schools have made sure to make it a point completing their syllabus on time as it would go during regular schooling. Students are receiving class works and homework altogether, which is creating a burden amongst parents. Also, apart from assisting kids in completion of homework and classwork, parents are struggling to make them everything learn. To ease down the situation for both students and their parents, schools should look upon specific points:

Firstly, schools and teachers should cut down precise syllabus as home-schooling, and digital education cannot be taken par to regular schooling.

    • 40 Minutes class does not solve the purpose.
    • Teachers must share a monthly syllabus schedule with the parents.
    • Teachers must receive daily updates and feedback from parents and impart workload on kids accordingly.
    • Cutting down the written workload and focusing on more what the child is learning.

With no near solutions coming near in these crises, exams are certainly on hold at every school and institution. However, parents must focus on making kids learn and understand whatever syllabus they are taught so that they are well prepared for exams if they may happen.

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