Upcycling is the modern-day recycling in the field of home décor. Upcycling is a great way to re-organize your home with things you already bring to use or have discarded. It brings in a unique yet personal touch and contributes towards making less waste load on our mother earth.

Now even though you a beginner in upcycling home décor, there’s no road blockage for you if you have enough creativity to sparkle out. You do not need to have a hell lot of experience but just some old boring stuff with a mind full of ideas and execution. Now even if that too is a deal for you, we have put together a list of best ideas that will make you feel inspired while making a statement with upcycled home décor.

All you well-loved old household items lying in your storage can get repurposed with new life and style. It will not just brighten your home but also will shrink down your carbon footprint, which is an essential and unavoidable call of time.

Wooden ladder never goes out of style.

Wood never go expiry neither out of style. Modern-day impact on our lifestyle has made old wooden ladder either lying either at a corner of the terrace, backyard or the storerooms. An old wooden ladder can get turned into a new masterpiece for your Vintage style drawing room, study room or even bathroom. Gather 3-4 discarded wooden planks, screws, paints (rustic paints for the vintage look is preferred) and of course the ladder.

Clean and dry the ladder well before going through the further process. As per the ladder’s make, choose a suiting angle towards the wall where you want it to work as a shelf. Paint the ladder and planks in a combination to your space, place the plans vertically on the ladder steps, tighten up the screws and either wall mount it or set it like that as per your choice. This DIY ladder turned into shelf will work as an elegant and vintage statement piece for your space.

Vintage Trunk Box upcycling

Vintage trunk boxes that belonged to our grandparents were part of our lives for long years. They can still be uncycled into a centrepiece for your drawing room, a sitting & storage space your flat’s balcony or just a corner sitting in your bedroom. Gather those old trunks, some paints, and you are good to go.

Clean them thoroughly before you start painting them. Try painting bright and poppy colours, easy geometrical designs, or try your hands on some professional patterns if you are good at them. You can also add some beautiful wallpapers upon them to complement the interiors of your room.

Bring the old wine bottles into life.

Wine bottles were, is and will always be one of the best recyclables or up cyclable discard from your storage. Place some string lights inside them from the above or retro Edison bulbs. Place them over the tabletop or get creative and hang them from the ceiling. This statement piece out of old wine bottles will add warmth both to your indoors and outdoors.

Old photo frame into a jewellery holder

Cannot disagree with the fact of how much relief a jewellery organizer is to a woman. Gather an old frame, some wires, staple or glue, and of course paints. Clean the frame and attach around 4 to 5 wires vertically from the back. Secure the fence with a big sized staple or glue. Now paint the frame as the way you want: either plain, pattern, geometrics or detailed art. Ensure painting the wires as well to avoid rust or corrosion. Finally, place it in your dresser and hang all your dangling earrings upon.

Window frames into entryway organizers

Gather your old window frame, some key hooks, and do not forget paints. Start with fixing the frame well and then paint it the way you like. You can paint each pane in different colours or one altogether. Customize each pane with your choice like some pictures on one, a chalkboard on another and so on. Make sure you attach some key hooks just the bottom of the frame. Place it on your front door or entryway, and you are good to go.