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If you think terrazzo is passé, then think again. Marble is slowly fading out, and Terrazzo is replacing it slowly but steadily. From floor tiles to tables and even lampshades and printed wallpapers, Terrazzo is making a massive comeback in 2021.

What is Terrazzo?

If you haven’t heard of Terrazzo, then we don’t blame you. This incredible material has been in use for over 500 years after it originated in Italy. It is a composite material made of marble, glass, granite or quartz chippings which are either poured into place or crafted as pre-cast material. The individual pieces are joined together using a “binder” which is usually cement-based, polymeric or a combination of both.

Terrazzo can be manufactured in varied intricate and interesting patterns which have resulted in its rise to trend once again even after hundreds of years. It provides hundreds of stunning colours and combinations that add impressively to the aesthetics of homes.

However, Terrazzo is not limited merely as a flooring material, and today it is being used for various other purposes to refurbish and add panache to exteriors and interiors.

How to identify Terrazzo?

Terrazzo offers an incredible variety of graphic design for floors and walls alike. It is incredibly diverse and has found several different uses in the modern 21st-century architecture and interior design industry.

Despite its vast variety, there are several aspects which help to distinguish it from other flooring materials. You can quickly identify Terrazzo by its:

· Textures

· Dotting

· Speckling

· Imperfection

· Asymmetry

· Contrasting sizes, forms, shapes and colors

· Neutral and vibrant colors

· Intricate patterns

· Geometrically influenced designs, including triangles, curves, circles and lines

· Versatile appearance

The impressive versatility of Terrazzo makes it perfect as a wall paneling or flooring solution that matches contemporary furniture and paint themes.

Why is Terrazzo trending in 2020?

Terrazzo is making a comeback in 2020 thanks to its incredible variety of colours and material options. Earlier, Terrazzo dominated PVC tiles, but its dazzling colour and design choices make it extremely versatile, and it blends seamlessly into modern interior design ideas.

Terrazzo not only amplifies the ultra-modern artisan surface trends but offers unparalleled sophistication in its execution too. It also provides an impressive alternative to conventional concrete and granite surface solutions.

How to include Terrazzo into your interior?

According to interior experts, Terrazzo can be used anywhere in the house. When poured in the liquid form, it makes excellent seamless flooring material, especially for kitchen countertops.

While some designs are neutral and make a perfect backdrop for vibrant accessories, other terrazzo surfaces can become the centre-stage with bright colours and vivid combination of marble. Apart from flooring and countertops, Terrazzo also has numerous other impressive applications.

Interior designers and architects are increasingly experimenting using Terrazzo in abstract patterns instead of merely as a material.

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